How to Attract and Retain Customers with Quality Outdoor bank Signs?
Attracting and retaining customers with quality outdoor bank signs involves a combination of effective design, strategic placement, and consistent branding.
How to clean gold channel letters in mirror finish?
Today, We want to share how to clean gold channel letters in mirror finish? We will do a good job of cleaning before shipping. And cleaning the gold channel letters with a mirror finish requires care to avoid damaging the surface.
How to choose the right size of shopfront signage?
Choosing the right size for shopfront signage is crucial for effective visibility and communication with potential customers.  We can provide you with professional sign projects' technical support and advice, since Longlu Signs was focus on the custom signs projects with more than 15 years. 
How to Choose the Best signage for hotel?
Choosing the best signage for a hotel involves considering various factors to ensure that it effectively communicates your brand, enhances the guest experience, and meets practical needs. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice, Longlu Signs can provide you with professional labeling advice and quality products.
The “Top” 10 types of channel letters To Consider
Channel letters are three-dimensional signs that are often used for business signage. They are commonly found on storefronts and buildings, providing a highly visible and customizable way to display a company's name or logo. Here are 10 types of channel letters that businesses may consider
LongLu Signs has achieved UL certification with UL number E531504
We are delighted to announce that LongLu signs's products have successfully passed UL certification, reinforcing our commitment to delivering the highest standards of safety and quality.
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