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Longlu factory outside view

Welcome to Longlu Advertising Signs, a dynamic facility spanning approximately 6,000 square meters, where innovation and precision converge seamlessly. With a workforce of 100 skilled individuals, our factory stands as a unified entity, integrating design, research and development, manufacturing, and sales into a harmonious creative ecosystem.


Our Expertise: Illuminating Brands with Distinction


At Longlu, our primary focus is on the creation of luminous signage that captivates and communicates with brilliance. Specializing in illuminated letters, neon signs, and distinctive brand signage, we are committed to bringing your vision to life with unparalleled craftsmanship.


The Heart of Longlu: Our Team


Our workforce of 100 dedicated professionals forms the backbone of Longluo. From visionary designers who conceptualize compelling visual identities to the skilled researchers and developers who push the boundaries of innovation, our team is united in the pursuit of excellence. The meticulous craftsmen in our manufacturing department bring these visions to reality, ensuring each product meets the highest standards. Complementing these efforts, our sales team is committed to providing personalized service and tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.


Innovation Unleashed: Our Production Process


Longlu boasts state-of-the-art facilities, combining traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. From the inception of design and research through the intricate manufacturing process, we prioritize quality at every step. Our portfolio includes eye-catching illuminated letters that command attention, neon signs that evoke nostalgia, and distinctive brand signage that leaves a lasting impression.


A Commitment to Excellence: Quality Control


Quality is the cornerstone of Longlu's success. Rigorous quality control measures are implemented at every stage of production to ensure that each piece leaving our facility is a testament to precision and artistry. This commitment to excellence has earned Longlu a reputation for delivering products that not only meet but exceed client expectations.


Client-Centric Approach: Tailoring Solutions to Your Needs


Longlu takes pride in its client-centric approach. We believe in forging lasting partnerships and work closely with our clients to understand their unique requirements. Our goal is to transform ideas into tangible, illuminated expressions that resonate with your brand identity.


In conclusion, Longlu Advertising Signs is more than a factory; it's a hub of creativity, innovation, and skilled craftsmanship. We invite you to explore the possibilities and collaborate with us to illuminate your brand in ways that are both visually stunning and conceptually meaningful. Welcome to Longlu  where your vision becomes our masterpiece.